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RSU Update: Home

Past year statistics

Instruction (adding more active learning, investigating flipped classroom model):

  • Undergraduate count = 250
  • Graduate count = 62
  • Class/Tour/Session total = 332

Research Center Desk = 7885

Research consultations

Summer activities

New databases such as the new primary sources databases covering 15th to 19th centuries

Summer Instruction Workshops (open to all) - Possible topics include:

  1. Student Learning Outcomes
  2. Assessment
  3. Presentation Techniques: Good, Bad, Ugly, Flipped classroom
  4. Classroom management: Technology breakdown, Student breakdown, Faculty breakdown
  5. Practice vs Praxis

Libguides Best Practices Update

New Faculty/Adjunct Faculty Library Orientation video by Eleanor

Guide on the Side - Eleanor and Jon

Upcoming tutorials: Library orientation for international students, tutorial for Speech 1110

Fall plans

Strategic Planning

New Faculty Workshops (possibilities) -

  • Welcome to your new library - services we provide, getting access, searching the catalog/LibGuides (Information literacy skills), meet your liaison (Coffee reception? Open bar? Poster session with come and go access)
  • Scholarly metrics
  • Media Impact - Scholarly Identity Online/Researcher Reputation 
  • Journal rankings/article citation counts 
  • Tools-for-tenure workshop to start new faculty on the path with their portfolio (Digital Commons here?) 

Marketing posters for new databases - Heidi (see below)


Marketing Posters