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First-Year Writing Library Instruction

Flexible Teaching Outlines

Our instructors use a common teaching outline to deliver instruction based on the first level of our scaffolded library instruction outcomes, but we will adjust our student learning outcomes and class outline to meet the needs of your classes. We have or can create outlines designed to teach students how to:

  • Articulate their information need
  • Develop effective search strategies
  • Select appropriate source material
  • Evaluate information and information sources
  • Create and use information ethically
  • Examine their roles as information producers
  • Understand how information is created and disseminated
  • Examine representation in source material

If you would like us to concentrate our outcomes on any particular area of information literacy, please include this in your instruction request.

Online Worksheet

After piloting the Qualtrics form to help students track their in-class brainstorming and research, we have decided to incorporate it into class at the instructor's request. In the Qualtrics forms, students will be asked to input their:

  • Topic
  • 1-2 sentences (or more) explaining what they already know about their topic
  • Research question
  • The main ideas in their research question
  • A word bank with related terms for those main ideas
  • 1-2 citations, including permalink, from each database searched
  • The terms they used in each database
  • Questions they still have about the research process or library databases

Construction Updates

Criss Library is currently undergoing multiple construction projects. One of the projects is a waterproofing project that started in the spring. There will at times be loud noise vibrating into the building from the work. We cannot anticipate when the instruction labs will be affected, but there may be noise disruptions. Rooms 249, 231, and 232 are most likely to be affected. While we hope that these projects will not be disruptive, if we anticipate the noise level during your scheduled sessions to be too distracting we may request that we have your sessions in your regular classroom. We will try to give as much notice of any changes as we can.  Your instructor will reach out to you prior to your session to determine any technology needs should we need to come to your classroom.

For more information, please consult the construction update page below.