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Library Awards

The Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Library is pleased to announce library awards to recognize students who demonstrate excellent library research skills and academic work.

Eligibility for the competition

  • Students must be enrolled full or part-time at UNO through the Fall 2016 semester.
  • Projects may be in any format including a paper, film, work of art, exhibit, digital humanities project, web-based, or other project.
  • Winners agree to contribute a summary of their project to the DigitalCommons@UNO digital repository (creators retain copyright to their works).
  • Awards to teams will be divided between all members.
  • Students may submit only one entry.

Submission requirements

  • Application form.
  • Research proposal of 800-1,000 words detailing the proposed project and how it will utilize library services and resources. As you write your essay, consider:
    • How will you make In-depth use of library services and resources?
    • What library services and resources including printed resources, databases, primary sources, and material in all media do you expect to use/explore?
    • What have you already used/What do you need to find
    • Describe the outcome of the project and how the completion of this project will impact your educational experience.
  • Recommendation from one teaching faculty member (via web form).
  • Submit application form online; email final version of the research project proposal to
  • During the selection process, finalists will be required to schedule a research consultation interview with a librarian that will evaluate the soundness of their proposal and the student's potential for success utilizing the available library services and resources.  

Evaluation criteria

Successful proposals will:

  • Demonstrate relevance to the services and resources of the library.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking in subject area and analysis of potential resources.
  • Demonstrate creativity, original thought, and mastery of content appropriate to class level.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate information resources and tools necessary for successful research.