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LibGuides Workshops - Summer 2016

This is the homepage for the Summer 2016 LibGuides workshops, including information on specific issues covered and best practices.

To do list:

  • Make a "best bets" box for users who are pressed for time
  • Make sure your boxes are arranged so that the most important content is on the upper-left hand side
  • Eliminate outdated or extraneous boxes

Also to consider:

  • Add an image which you can change out regularly to freshen up the look of the page

Why do these things?

The homepage in your LibGuides is the first page users see, and many won't go beyond it. Make sure it's useful! The homepage is a good spot to put your "best bets" so users in a hurry can still find good content. Importantly, mobile devices display content one box at a time, starting at the top on the left. Don't assume that a user will scroll all the way to the end of the page; put the most important content where it will be seen quickly on a smartphone.