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Pokémon GO at UNO

What is Pokémon GO?

If you are wondering why almost everyone is walking around campus lately with their phones held up in front of them ...

Pokémon GO is a freemium augmented reality (AR) game for your smartphone that lets you collect and take pictures of Pokémon (cartoon monsters) superimposed onto your actual location. The game provides a map of Pokémon, items, and gyms (battle arenas) overlaid on a map of the actual terrain around you. Players must walk around with their phones held up to "see" the Pokémon world hidden over the real one.

The best way to understand it is to try it. You can download the game at Google Play or the App Store.

All players are welcome at Criss Library. If you are a community member, ask at the front desk if you want time on our public computers while you wait for your phone to charge at the charging station across from the Creative Production Lab or for the PokéStops to turn blue again.

Getting Started

After you download the app, make sure you pay attention to the very short introduction by the Professor. He'll tell you how to play!

A PokeGlossary from CNN

Know It All

Oh, do we ever know what it's like to feed an obsession for knowledge!

If you want to Know It All about Pokemon GO and are just getting up to speed, try Bulbapedia, a wikipedia for Pokemon. Online since 2005, it now boasts nearly 30,000 articles and already has a comprehensive guide to Pokemon GO.


Thank you to Melissa Del Castillo & Barbara M. Sorondo, FIU Libraries, whose PokéGuide: Pokémon GO @FIU Libraries inspired the creation of this guide. Guide page names and guide architecture, along with some content, were borrowed and used under their Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license.