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Pokémon GO at UNO

2K and 5K Routes Around Campus

2K North Campus: Leaving the front door of Criss Library, turn left. Walk towards the Henningson Memorial Campanile and the Bell Tower PokéGym. Continue walking through the center of campus past the Pep Bowl. Turn right at Arts & Sciences Hall, at the ASH PokéGym. Walk past the parking structure and turn right at University Drive. Follow University Drive around campus, turning right to walk behind Durham Science Center and ending your walk at Criss Library.

2K Pacific Campus: Start at Scott Village Commons Building. Turn left and follow 64th Street to Shirley Street. Turn right on Shirley Street, right on 67th Street, and right onto Ak-Sar-Ben Drive. Turn right to follow the sidewalks behind the Peter Kiewit Institute. Continue following the sidewalks around PKI towards Mammel Hall. Take 67th Street back to Pine Street to the Scott Village Commons Building.

5K North/Pacific Loop: From the front door of Criss Library, turn left. Walk between the Community Engagement Center and the College of Public Affairs & Community Service to University Drive. Turn left on University Drive and walk down the hill. Turn right on Elmwood Park Drive, or continue further into the park to stop at PokéStops in the park. Turn left on Pine Street to the Scott Village Commons Building. Turn around and come back to the library the same way to hatch your 5K egg.

Map of Pokemon GO walking routes on UNO campus

Walk Inside at the HPER Building

The elevated track at the HPER Building is 200 meters. Complete 10 laps for your 2K egg, and 25 for your 5K egg.
You'll have to complete 50 laps to crack open a 10K egg!