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Pokémon GO at UNO

Katie Bishop

Director, Research & Instruction Services, Team Mystic

Favorite Pokemon: I really relate to Psyduck.
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: Along Maple St in Benson. There are a ton of PokeStops there!
Secrets to catching and battling: Master the art of the curveball. It makes catching all those Pidgeys and Rattatas more fun. And when battling, dodge after you see the yellow flash around the edge of your screen to avoid attacks.
Hardest catch: I’ll tell you a story about the one that got away. I had a high CP Vileplume in my sights and I ran out of Poke balls and had to flee. I still don’t have a Vileplume in my inventory (sobs).

Claire Chamley

RIS Associate, Team Mystic

Favorite Pokemon: Ninetails, but I also like Mew.
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: So far, I've had the most luck downtown in the Old Market and in Benson, so I suppose those two spots.
Secrets to catching and battling: I know you can pick up a Pokéball that you threw and missed, so you don't have to waste any. Oh, and I guess if you have any lucky eggs, evolve all that you can while they are going, so you can get bonus XP.
Hardest catch: Right after I first downloaded the game, I was downtown, and a Ghastly appeared, and it took me probably 5 times to get him to stay in the Pokéball. I mean, it was two days after the game launched so I was still in the learning phase. I got a thumbs up from some kid on a skateboard after I shouted "GHASTLY STAY IN YOUR POKÉBALL!"

Laine McCurrin

Course Reserves and Patron Services Assistant, Team Valor

Favorite Pokemon: Dragonair
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: My neighborhood while I'm walking my real-life Pug-emon.
Secrets to battling: It mostly comes to down to already being a high level. And button mashing.
Hardest catch: This stupid Ratata just wouldn't stay in the dumb pokeball. Worthless.

Jackie Mitchell

Creative Production Lab Supervisor, Team Mystic

Favorite Pokemon: Eevee! Eevee is super cute, adapts to anything, and packs a punch!
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: UNO because I always manage to catch neat ones and there are a lot of pokestops.  Mostly, I like the convenience factor!
Secrets to catching and battling: Pretend to know what I'm doing.
Hardest catch: Most recently it was Jynx because we started with a dance competition and I almost lost.

Tammi Owens

Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Team Mystic

Favorite Pokemon: Gyrados (and also Magikarp, because I feel sorry for it...)
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: Along the Field Club trail. It's a beautiful walk and there are plenty of Pokemon to catch.
Secrets to catching and battling: Be careful with the Great Balls! Throw short and straight. Start tapping on your screen before the GO during battles. Keep an eye on your special move meter, and tap and hold when the meter fills.
Hardest catch: I was out of regular PokeBalls, and had to catch a Scyther with a Great Ball before I knew how to keep them from winging off into the ether. Also, I don't even try to catch bat-like Pokemon anymore.

Dave Richards

Dean of the Library, Undeclared

Favorite Pokemon: Kyogre, but I haven't found one yet.
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: My neighborhood.
Secrets to catching and battling: I haven't battled yet, but I'm ready!
Hardest catch: Nothing too hard yet, but I'm only at Level 4 and haven't even picked a team yet.

Drew Roberts

Creative Production Lab Assistant, Team Mystic

Favorite Pokemon: Ninetails
Favorite spot to catch Pokemon: Downtown on the northwest side of the fountain by Conagra
Secrets to catching:

  • Rarity and CP are determined by level.
  • There are two determining factors on how many Pokemon show up: 1. The expected popularity of the area (the zoo versus a field in the middle of nowhere). 2. How many active trainers are there ( a field would work as well as the zoo if there were 300 people standing in it and playing Pokemon.)
  • There are also places with single rare spawns (meaning only one type of rare pokemon will spawn there) these are great places to grind certain pokemon (e.g. Standing Bear Lake is a dratini spawn.)

Hardest catch: The hardest catch I had was a hitmonlee that I found downtown at around midnight. I was tired and ready to go home, when it popped up on my screen. I chased it for about half a mile before finding it at the park across from the empty lot on the north side of the Union Pacific building.