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Living Library


This methodology began in Roskilde, Denmark, and Human Library events have since been held around Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The Human Library got started because of an act of violence in Denmark, in order to raise awareness against violence. It has since transformed and grown into an event for people to break down stereotypes, and have conversations with people they may not encounter in their daily lives. The Human Library at Criss Library was the first held in Nebraska.  More information on the Human Library organization can be found at The Official Human Library website.

The Human Library at UNO

Criss Library held Human Library events from 2015 to 2019. While the event started to target our students, we have expanded to including members of the community. We have gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from books and readers alike. In 2022, we rebranded to make the library local, and introduced our Living Library. The Living Library is an experience like no other, and can make an impact on so many levels. 

All Over the World

While UNO held Nebraska's first Human Library event, this map shows the many different place that this event has taken place. This map was created by some of the Organisers and can be found here