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Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Educational materials made freely and legally available on the Internet for anyone to retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute.

Library & Web Resources

decorative - laptopWhile true OER is open and freely shareable, our goal is to reduce student costs and barriers to access. As such, we encourage the use of library resources and freely available web resources. In some cases, the library may even have access to the e-textbooks you're already using for your course.

Contact your subject librarian for help locating resources within the library databases or online. They can provide assistance in finding high quality resources that meet your pedagogical goals without adding to student costs.

You can also visit the New Resources Guide for all the latest information on the electronic resources at Criss Library or A-Z Databases for the full list.

DigitalCommons@UNO, the University's Institutional Repository, is another resource to find open access content for use in your courses.


Permalinks for Journal Articles

When you assign your students articles to read for a class, how do you make those articles available to them? Do you give them citations and tell them to find the articles on their own? Do you retrieve the articles yourself and upload copies to Canvas?

Be aware that downloading copies of articles from UNO Libraries' databases and then uploading them to Canvas for your students may violate copyright law. A better idea is to provide students with persistent links (also called permalinks) to the articles you want them to read on Canvas. Students will be able to access the articles both on and off campus.

Most databases make persistent links easy to find, but some require a little extra effort, and a select few don't generate persistent links for you at all. If you have trouble locating a persistent link for the article you want to use, contact your subject librarian for assistance.


Embedding Streaming Video

UNO has three streaming video databases that make it easy to add video content to Canvas. These short videos show you how to use an embed code from the streaming services to insert the video directly into a Canvas assignment or quiz.

Alexander Street Video Premium

Films on Demand

KanopyStreaming Service