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Green Procurement - Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center Topic Hub

This topic hub addresses information about the selection by an organization of products and services that reduce environmental impacts and provides a glimpse of the enormous impact purchasing decisions can have on the environment.

Green Purchasing Recommendations


-Post-consumer recycled content

-Processed chlorine-free


-Soy-based inks

Office Supplies






Meetings and Conferences

-Accommodations with efficient transportation routes

-Accommodations with energy and water conservation programs

-Accommodations with mass transit-accessible location

-Accommodations with recycling and waste minimization programs

-Electronic distribution of materials

-Minimize travel distance for attendees

-Minimize packing and shipping materials, disposable products

-Online registration

-Recycle handouts and badges, signage, paper products

-Reusable badges, signage

-Reusable food serviceware


-Integrated pest management

-Low-impact development

-Recycled-content materials

-Reduced or no pesticide use

-Storm water management

-Use of native plants

-Waste reduction and recycling, including composting

-Water conservation

Food Services


-Energy efficient




-Water efficient


-Alternatively fueled

-Cleaner fuel


-Fuel cell



-Low emissions

-No or low hazardous materials


-Reduced or no toxic constituents


-Designed for recycling

-Reduced materials use

-Energy efficient

-Extended product life, upgradeable

-Reduced packaging

-Recyclable packaging

-Environmentally sound take-back and recycling options


-Minimizes exposure to concentrates

-No ozone depleting substances

-Recyclable packaging

-Recycled-content in packaging

-Reduced bio-concentration factor

-Reduced flammability

-Reduced or no added dyes, except when added for safety purposes

-Reduced or no added fragrances

-Reduced or no skin irritants

-Reduced or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

-Reduced packaging


-Low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

-No toxic dyes



-Reduced energy use (from manufacturing)

-Reduced or improved air emissions (from manufacturing)

Buildings and Construction

-Bio-based content

-Energy efficient

-Enhanced indoor environmental quality

-Low embodied energy

-Recyclable or reusable components


-Reduced environmental impact over the lifecycle

-Reduced or eliminated toxic substances

-Reduced waste

-Responsible stormwater management

-Sustainable development, smart growth

-Uses renewable energy

-Water efficient

-Water reuse and recycling