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Green Commuting - P2Rx Wiki

Emphasizes transportation options that reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions for each person-mile traveled.

Best Practices

Work-Site Location

Providing job sites that are near high quality transit services are ideal because they allow the best opportunity for employees to use public transit systems already in place. However, high quality transit services are very limited in modern urban communities and are often not an available option for commuter benefits.

Alternative Work Schedules

Creating alternative schedules such as flextimes, compressed work weeks, and staggered work hours all create more flexibility for employees in order to reduce the amount of times employees are required to travel to work and alleviate traffic congestion in peak commuting hours.


Developing innovative business solutions that allow employees to work outside traditional work environments by using telecommunication devices such as webinars, teleconferences, video conferences, etc. that significantly reduce the need for work-related travel.

Commuting Incentive Programs

Implementing incentive programs for employers to bike, walk, carpool or transit to work by creating parking cash-out benefits or monetary compensation for those not using company parking spaces. Building commuter facilities such as bicycle storage areas with lockers, showers and other amenities is another option to support alternative forms of commuting. The IRS also provides tax-free benefits for employees who utilize commuter benefits such as vanpooling, bicycling facilities and transit passes.

Shuttle Services

Providing shuttle services from transit stations and nearby restaurant locations give employees the option of using employer provided or public transit shuttles to travel to and from work or for lunchtime breaks.

Emergency Ride Home

Offering an emergency ride home service for non-drive alone commuters in case of unforsceen circumstances.The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows employers to pay up to $230 per month, tax-free, for employee commuting costs