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ILLiad and Interlibrary Loan: Home

How to Create an ILLiad account

For FIRST TIME USERS, go to this link to register & create an account:

You will need your NU ID number. We do require a current address and a phone number.


To LOGIN to your account, go to this link:

In the black bar at the top, click "New Request" to make a request. Make sure you select the correct category!

Questions? Comments? Problems?

How To ILL

There are a number of things you can do to speed up the turn-around time for your ILL requests.


  • We need a title and author, but an ISBN number always helps. We will still be able to fill your request without one, but if you need a certain edition of a book, please let us know either in the ILLiad form or the Notes field. You can look up the ISBN on Amazon, but it's also easy to do in Primo, our local catalog. Find the item you need in Primo, scroll down the page to Details, and you will find a 13 or 10 digit ISBN number listed under Identifiers (Ex: ISBN: 9780735224315 or ISBN: 0735224315.)  If you do use Amazon, you can find the ISBN number under Book Description.
  • If you find the book you need in Primo, you can use the "Request Through Interlibrary Loan" button, which takes you directly into ILLiad, and populates the required fields for you. You may want to double check to make sure the information is correct.
  • If we own a book and you can't find it or it's checked out, you won't be able to use the "Get It" button. You will have to go into your account through the login page, select "Book" under New Requests, and fill in the information there.
  • Books that are just published are sometimes difficult to obtain. Same goes for popular books, and DVD's of popular films and TV shows.
  • On average, a book, DVD, CD, or microfilm takes 10 days to arrive here from the moment you make your request. Sometimes we are able to obtain an item quicker, but keep in mind, we borrow items from all over the country and the world.


  • Fill out the Request Form as completely as possible. In addition to the title of the article, we need journal title and author. The volume, issue number, pages, and year are extremely helpful. If you can't find any of those things, but you have the article title, you can paste the article's title into Google. Typically the first result will be the journal's website, i.e.: 
  • Don't truncate journal titles, i.e. "J.of Bus. Res." for "Journal of Business Research." 
  • On average, articles take 1-3 days to arrive. If your source is not widely held by libraries, it may take even longer.
  • Once your article arrives, we will upload it to your ILLiad account. You can login and download to save or print the article for up to 30 days.


  • To request a renewal, login to your account. Under "Checked Out Items" on the home page or Main Menu, find the title you wish to renew and click the RENEW button. You're only allowed to renew an item once from your account. For additional renewals, email ILL staff at and we'll try to get your items renewed for you. Be sure to include the TN# and title. Keep in mind, many libraries do not allow multiple renewals.


  • We use free-lending libraries whenever possible to deliver materials at no cost to you. If the material is only available from a library that charges a fee, we will notify you by email, giving you the opportunity to cancel your request without being charged. 
  • Faculty will be notified when they have reached a $200.00 per semester limit and will then be given the opportunity to pay for requests from departmental funds or personal accounts.