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Building your scholarly profile

A guide to developing your scholarly profile and increasing your presence online.

Institutional Repository

DigitalCommons@UNO is an institutional repository (IR) that showcases the scholarship of UNO. Through provision of a digital platform that is optimized for search engines, this scholarship becomes discoverable to a global audience. There are other platforms where you can share your work in similar ways, such as arXiv, though UNO Libraries will be able to directly help you with this platform.

​DigitalCommons@UNO also has a companion site, SelectedWorks. Similar to a Google Scholar page, SelectedWorks imports your uploaded files from Digital Commons and attaches them to your individual profile with accompanying professional biographical data. This provides you with the opportunity to organize your publications under your own name, instead of just within your department’s collection, which is how scholarship is organized with the rest of DigitalCommons@UNO.

If you would like your work included on Digital Commons or to have a Selected Works profile created for you, please contact



Keep multiple manuscript versions of your papers

Due to copyright it is not always possible to post the published version (Version of Record) of your work online, although it may be possible to post an earlier version. It is advisable to keep multiple versions of your publications for the purposes of sharing. At UNO, we are not always able to add the published manuscript to DigitalCommons@UNO though we are often able to add the author accepted manuscript (also known as the post-print versions).