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Building your scholarly profile

A guide to developing your scholarly profile and increasing your presence online.

Building your scholarly profile

Understanding the digital footprint we have within the scholarly world is useful if we want to enhance our impact. For instance, growing or being able to measure your web presence can help boost the readership of your research. There are many things you can do to develop your scholarly profile and taking the PINPOINT Approach will help you to achieve this.

PINPOINT is an acronym for Portfolio, IR, Network, Publishing, Open Access, ID, Name and Tracking; these subjects represent areas in which you can grow the impact of your scholarship. Each of these terms describe the areas we will cover with the PINPOINT approach.

This guide is aimed at early-career professionals though it can be used by students, faculty and researchers a like. Each of the resources covered are to be considered as suggestions and you do not have to use/ sign-up to each one in order to increase the impact of your scholarly profile.


The word pinpoint with the UNO logo in place of the o

Here is a video version of this LibGuide.