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Islamophobia or Islamomisia?

In choosing a title for this guide, the authors considered several factors. While we like the suffix misia, which is from the Greek word for hate or hatred of, we found that the people who are talking about this topic are consistently using Islamophobia. Additionally, we believe it is understood that Islamophobia is not a mental illness. There are individuals and groups that believe it is right to fear Muslim people and their religion. This fear and hate should not be confused with respectful, rational criticism or questioning based on factual evidence, as can be found with regard to any religion or spiritual practice.

The goal of this guide is to allow individuals to easily find a starting point to learn more about the negative impact of Islamophobia. It is not exhaustive and may not include all aspects of oppression that individuals or groups of individuals may face. We welcome your feedback and/or recommendations to improve this guide.  

What about Muslim dress?  

Head coverings and other Muslim dress choices come with a lot of assumptions and misinformation. For in-depth information, please visit Cornell University Library's guide or read one of our selected books found in this guide.

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