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Caring for Personal Archives

Use this guide for guidance to care for your personal archives, digital collections, and oral histories.

Donating Your Collection to an Archive

If you have personal or organizational collections of historical material, UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections is a potential archival repository for this material. Contact Amy Schindler, Director of Archives and Special Collections, to discuss a potential donation. Thinking about scanning your collection before donating it to an archival repository? Talk with the archivists, librarians, or museum curator before you begin your project.

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Caring for Personal Archives

  • Maintain stable environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, and light levels as well as avoiding mold, dust, and water
  • Identify where your paper, media, and digital material is stored
  • Prioritize the material you wish to organize, describe, and preserve
  • Rehouse material into appropriate archival boxes, folders, or other enclosures as well as media and cloud storage
  • Make a plan for what comes next: will you keep it, pass it on to family or friends, donate to an archival repository, or discard.

General reminders: wearing cotton gloves is for handling photos and memorabilia, not (easy to tear) paper; you do not need to keep many multiple of documents, brochures, photos, etc.; focus your time and preservation energy on unique material, like photos and documents, rather than things you can get copies of, such as newspaper clippings. Removing paper clips, staples, and similar fasteners along with rubberbands is generally a good idea when your time and resources allow.

Caring for Personal Archives - Photographic Formats

Caring for Personal Archives - Audiovisual Collections

Caring for Books and Newspapers

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