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2015 Instruction Workshop: Home


Week 1 SLOs/Assessment

  • BI vs. IL - Or so what?
  • Defining and understanding SLOs
  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Practice writing SLOs in pairs
  • Assessment Cycle
  • Brainstorming assessment ideas
  • Sandboxing - Work on your own classes/projects.

Week 2 Presentation Techniques

  • Presentation Opportunities
    • Classes
    • Faculty meetings
    • Tours
    • Conferences
    • Community events
  • Technology
    • As a tool not a crutch
    • Good and bad
  • Public speaking skills
    • Voice
    • Body
    • Attitude

Week 3 Classroom Management

  • Negotiating with faculty
  • Navigating unfamiliar classroom spaces
  • Handling classroom challenges

Week 4 Practice vs. Praxis

  • What is praxis?
  • Different learning theories

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