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SPSS Research Guide

A guide intended for new users of SPSS

About SPSS

Welcome to SPSS Research Guide! This guide is designed to introduce you to the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). SPSS is used for editing and analyzing all sorts of data. You have the option of creating an entirely new data set in SPSS of import files from Microsoft Excel or Open Office, plain text files (.txt or .csv), relational (SQL) databases, Stata, and SAS files (other data analysis programs). The guide provides an overview of the SPSS environment, data creation in SPSS, importing data, running descriptive and inferential statistics, and reporting the results. Useful links to other online guides and tutorials are also provided for more advanced topics. In addition, assistance with data analysis is also available at the Social Science Research Commons (SSRC) in Arts and Sciences Hall (Rm 304). 

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