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Education Research Guide

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

Qualitative Research

These resources have been identified by Educational Leadership in order to help conduct qualitative research.

Online Resources

This website provides resources for students, teachers, and researchers interested in action research (some of the resources include links to action research texts).

Action Research Network

This website is a tool that enables researchers (the teachers) to share their research and view the findings of others.

Appreciative Inquiry Commons

This website provides information and resources on appreciative inquiry.


This website provides a definition of a/r/tography and information and resources on a/r/tography.

The Association for Qualitative Research (Great Britain)

This website is devoted to qualitative research resources (glossary of qualitative terms, event information, conference information, etc.). The Association formerly was called the Association of Qualitative Research Practitioner.

Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology

This website is devoted to collecting and disseminating phenomenology resources.

Center for Collaborative Action Research

This website on collaborative action research provides examples.

Center for Ethnography

This UC Irvine website provides information about ethnography and various types of ethnographic texts.

Center for Narrative Inquiry

This website provides resources and examples related to narrative inquiry.

Center for Urban Ethnography

In addition to general information about conferences and ethnography publications, this website also provides links to several ethnography projects.

Centre for Arts-informed Research

This website provides links to art-informed projects (in addition to information on events and conferences).

Centre for Narrative Research

This website provides definition of narrative research and other information about its purpose.

Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN)

This website provides bulletins on action research (along with conference and event information).


This website provides resources for those using ethnographic approaches.

Frame Analysis

This website provides descriptions and definitions related to frame analysis.

The Grounded Theory Institute

This is the official website of Dr. Barney Glaser and classic grounded theory.

Grounded Theory Online

This website is devoted to Glaser’s grounded theory approach and ways to help students work with that approach.

Human Science Research Studies

This website lists human science research studies (articles, chapters, books, monographs) that is within the phenomenological and hermeneutical/interpretive traditions, broadly defined.

International Institute for Qualitative Methodologies (IIQM)

This website provides research networking and training opportunities.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

This website provides information on IPA and a link to a research teaching/training tool.

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) Tumblr Page

This website provides additional IPA links and resources.

Introduction to Conversation Analysis

This website explains conversation analysis.

QualPage - Resources for Qualitative Researchers

This Web page describes several different qualitative research approaches.


This website is designed to connect the research community.

Narrative Psychology: An Internet Guide

This website provides links to definition of narrative psych and information on methods.

Online QDA

This website provides step-by-step process for qualitative data analysis.

The Open Memo Page of Grounded Theory Methodology

This website provides list of references and information about grounded theory.

PEP - Political Ethnography Project

This website provides resources about political ethnography.

Phenomenology Online

This website provides access to articles and other resources for those engaging with phenomenology.

Qualitative Inquiry Growth

Through this website, Thomas Groenewald provides descriptions of various qualitative research approaches.

Qualitative Research Resources

Susan Hawes provides background information and other resources.

Research Salad: Mixed Methods, Tossed Up Fresh Every Day

This blog provides information on issues in research (such as authorship).

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

This website provides guides and methods information for evaluation.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Qualitative Research Guidelines

This website contains information for people developing, evaluating and engaging in qualitative research projects in healthcare settings

Situational Analysis

This website developed by Adele Clarke describes situational analysis and provides information about other methods.

Social Research Methods

This website is useful for applied social research and evaluation.

Social Research Update

This website is the quarterly journal from the department of sociology at the University of Surrey.

The Sensory Ethnography Lab (SEL) at Harvard University

This website provides information about current sensory ethnography projects and sensory ethnography courses.

Teaching Qualitative Methods

This website from the University of Wisconsin provides support, such as research groups, for those teaching qualitative methods courses.

The Research Methods Knowledge Base

This website provides information on research methods, with key terms and definitions.

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