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ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research)

This is a guide to ICPSR, a depository for social science data sets.

Downloading data

Downloading Data


Most of the ICPSR datasets are downloadable only by current UNO students and faculty.  Federally funded data are freely available to the general public.


Steps for Downloading Data

Step 1: Click your desired data format.


Step 2: Select the dataset(s) in the study that you want to download.


Step 3: Click the button to add files to your Data Cart.


Step 4: Click the button to review the contents of your Data Cart. You may skip this step if you wish.


Step 5: Click the button to download your Data Cart contents with your selected files.



*Use the Browse Documentation  tab to decide if the study fits your information needs.

*By downloading data from ICPSR, you are agreeing not to share the data with persons not authorized by ICPSR to receive it and to follow the terms of use in ICPSR’s Responsible Use Statement.

Reading Data into SPSS

Reading Data into STATA