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ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research)

This is a guide to ICPSR, a depository for social science data sets.

Searching for Data Sets

Finding Data


The Search function appears on the ICPSR home page and on the Data page.  You can search the name of a survey or a principal investigator.  You can also search by subject and/or keyword.  Consult the Thesaurus for social science terminology.


The search results are a list of datasets and/or documents.  Studies with downloadable data  will have links to a description and download link.  Some studies have segments, with an online analysis link,  which have been adapted for the beginning researcher and for classroom use.  The related literature link will provide a list of citations for publications based upon the dataset.

There is also a browse feature. Options include browsing by topic, series, geography.