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Government Documents Research Guide

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

Nebraska At-A-Glance

Every other year since 2013, the Legislative Research Office releases Nebraska At-A-Glance: A Snapshot of National Rankings Across Important Policy Indicators.  The seven chapters address:  1) demographics; 2) economics; 3) justice; 4) education; 5) health; 6) government & spending; and 7) taxes.

Nebraska Documents

Nebraska documents are recorded in the library catalog, and the Advanced Search template may be used to target them. Enter both the word Nebraska and the abbreviation Neb in the first box of the 3-box template, because they almost invariably appear in records describing Nebraska documents, and set the box to search by Subject. For example:

Subject: Nebraska OR Neb

 Enter topical words in the other template boxes to focus the search.  When you retrieve results, click the link for Government Documents in the Topic list of filters on the left side of the results screen.  This will restrict the results to items in the Government Documents collection.

Search Criss Library and beyond

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Nebraska Data and Research

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development compiles statistical data from various agencies and updates it regularly for convenient public access through its website.

Nebraska Public Documents

Nebraska Public Documents provides free public access to digitized historic annual reports of state agencies in Nebraska for the use of students,  scholars, and the general public.  Through this digitization project, we provide keyword searching options never before available.  Eventually, the intent of the project is to provide access to state government agency reports from 1891 through 1956.

Nebraska State Government Publications Online

Nebraska State Government Publications Online  provides a convenient directory of Nebraska state agencies with links to their online documents.  The Nebraska Library Commission  hosts many documents in its online archive to help assure they remain accessible even as state agency websites change over time.    

NPPD Resources


The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) offers free access to a website which compiles information about communities around the state.  The emphasis is on economic development, but the information is useful in many contexts.        

The Community Geographic Information System (GIS) retrieves tables of demographic and social information for towns, cities, and counties.  For towns and cities, you may specify three radii; for example, tables compiling data for 2 miles, 5 miles, and 10 miles from the city center.

Community Profiles and Facts Books also offer a lot of information, and for many communities they are likely the best sources available.