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Finance, Banking, and Real Estate Research Guide

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

Citing Reports

The APA Style Manual doesn't address directly how to cite business-type sources from library databases, such as analyst reports, market research reports, industry profiles, etc. These sources may not have the same citation elements as books, journal articles, or open access websites:

  • Reports often don't list a named individual author. In this case, the name of the publisher or organization that produced information will serve as a corporate author.
  • URLs from the address bar for the content in library databases may be too long, inaccessible to readers because of a firewall, or expire after a session. If the URL is not accessible, use the name of a database.
  • The APA Style Manual no longer requires the date the information is retrieved.

Here are examples of how to cite our most popular business report databases using APA:

Regular journal article (such as from Business Source Complete or ABI/INFORM):

Hallion, M., Taylor, A., Roberts, R., & Ashe, M. (2019). Exploring the association between physical activity participation and self-compassion in middle-aged adults. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, 8(3), 305–316.




  • Name of firm. (2014, October). Distribution of time Millennials spent watching video content in the United States as of December 2013, by type [Chart]. Retrieved September 14, 2019 from Statista database.


  • Ipsos. (2014, February). Share of affluent household members in the United States who attended tennis matches (2011 to 2014) [Chart]. Dossier name Retrieved September 14, 2019 from Statista database.


  • Smith, B., Johnson, W., James, K. & Norfolk, V. (2014, August). Industry report - Computer and electronic product manufacturing NAICS Code 334. Retrieved September 14, 2019 from Statista database.


  • Kearney, A.T. (2016, November). Coffee by consumption in the US 2016.  Retrieved September 14, 2019 from Statista database.


S&P Capital IQ Company Report:

S&P Capital IQ. (2019). Apple Inc.: Public company profile. Retrieved January 27, 2019, from S&P Capital IQ database.


Nexis Uni Company Report:

Corporate Affiliations. (2015, September 25). McDonald's Corporation. Corporate Affiliations. Retrieved October 1, 2019 from NexisUni Academic database.



Mergent, Inc. (2014, February 28). McDonald's Corp.: Ford Equity research report. Retrieved October 1, 2019 from Mergent Online database.



Infogroup, Inc. (2016). Starbucks Corp.  [Company profile]. Retrieved October 1, 2019 from ReferenceUSA database.



Haider, Z. (2015). IBISWorld Industry Report 52211. Commercial Banking in the US. Retrieved October 1, 2019 from IBISWorld database.

Citing a Business Website

If you are citing a company website, using the following examples on how to cite this source:

  1. Fagan, J. (2019, March 25). Nursing clinical brain. OER Commons. Retrieved September 17, 2019, from
  2. National Institute of Mental Health. (2018, July). Anxiety disorders. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health.
  3. Woodyatt, A. (2019, September 10). Daytime naps once or twice a week may be linked to a healthy heart, researchers say. CNN.
  4. World Health Organization. (2018, May 24). The top 10 causes of death.


Examples taken from APA Style guide, 7th ed.

UNO Writing Center Style Guide Cheat Sheets

You must cite any information presented in your lab report, presentation, poster or paper that is not your own. Not giving credit to the source of your information is plagiarism. Check out the links to learn the proper way to give credit for items used in your work, including but not limited to data, ideas, cartoons, photographs, maps, charts, graphics or other information.

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