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Military and Veteran Library Resources

For our military-affiliated students: here's what you can find at the library.

Preparing for Deployment?

If you need articles emailed or book pages scanned and emailed, contact Tammi Owens, your Military and Veteran Services Librarian.

Don't know where to start with your research paper?
Start by making an appointment with your librarian.

Librarians can help you:

  • Find a research topic.
  • Make a research plan.
  • Search for scholarly books, articles, & more.
  • Cite your sources.

It's our job to help you understand your research assignment, cut through the jargon and confusion, and help you make a checklist for timely completion of your work.

Best Databases for Military Research

Find articles for your paper or project on military, business, law, or science topics in these databases.

Military and Veteran Services Librarian

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Tammi Owens