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United States and the Cold War Research Guide: Home

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

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The Criss Library catalog is a database which contains records describing the books, electronic books, government documents, videos, music scores, CDs, and other materials available from the library. There are thousands of items which address the Cold War, many of which include historical primary sources. Here are links to catalog records that illustrate the wide range of topics represented:


Welcome to the Cold War at UNO

Welcome to this research guide devoted to the United States and the Cold War.  We (Dr. Danielle Battisti, UNO Department of History and Prof. James Shaw, UNO Criss Library) designed it to support students in Dr. Battisti’s seminar.

The Government Documents page provides links to records in the Criss Library catalog that describe U.S. documents pertinent to the Cold War; for example, hearings of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  The Government Documents page also links to catalog records describing declassified documents, chiefly gleaned from the Central Intelligence Agency, which were released in microfilm collections.

The Primary Source Databases and Journal and Magazine Articles  pages provide links to Criss Library databases that index articles published in newspapers, research journals, and general magazines.  In many cases the articles will be available online, but access to some articles will require visiting the library to find them in the Periodicals, Microfilm, or Microfiche collections.

The Internet Resources page provides links to several websites that provide access to primary sources.  It also links to gateways which serve as directories to higher quality resources.  We discovered that these sites churn a lot, with links breaking due to lack of maintenance and even entire sites vanishing.  Even so, the sites described here should prove helpful for many topics.

The several Readings pages contain the text of a bibliography compiled by Dr. Walter LaFeber, a prominent historian of U.S. foreign policy.  The titles of books available at Criss Library are linked to the library catalog so you can quickly find location and call number information.  The titles of several journal articles are linked so that you can jump to a library database to retrieve a PDF copy.  About 45 of the books (among over 800 noted) are not available.  We will look into acquiring copies for the library, but you may submit Interlibrary Loan requests to borrow any book we do not have.

If you would like a very quick overview of the range of resources available in Criss Library, click these links to subject searches in the library catalog:

Cold War

World Politics, 1945-1989

Interlibrary Loan

You may identify books or other publications not available at Criss Library.  If so, the library's Interlibrary Loan service can often borrow or obtain a copy from another library.  You will need to set up an Interlibrary Loan account the first time you submit a request.  Books typically take five days to a week to arrive; scanned copies of journal and magazine articles often arrive in two to four days.  Interlibrary Loan may also be able to borrow reels of microfilm.  Some items are difficult to find and require weeks to obtain, so submit Interlibrary Loan requests as soon as possible.