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First-Year Writing Library Instruction

Library Instruction Request Link

We're so excited to partner with you, and look forward to a great semester!

We design our library instruction for 150 minutes over two 75-minute or three 50-minute sessions. This allows for enough time to introduce students to information literacy concepts, library catalog searching, and 2-4 library databases, depending on the class assignment. If students have a good idea of their research question before library instruction, they will be able to find 3-5 sources during our time together.

Request library instruction using the link below.

Best Practices

Communicate as much as possible. You will receive an email from Karen Jabens when your library instructor is assigned to your class. Your library instructor will follow up with you about two weeks before your sessions. Please email a response with as much information about your class as you can. Feel free to email us first with your syllabus and other information if you'd like to!

Give us context. We will ask you for a syllabus, a paper prompt, and an idea of the challenges your class is facing. We will tailor your classes for the best outcomes if you communicate the trajectory of your class so far.

Give us time. Schedule as soon as you can, even if it's for a date later in the semester. We prep and practice for your classes, and need extra time if you would like us to prepare a special activity for your class. Please book your instruction sessions at least a week in advance.

Things to Consider

Your expectations. What kinds of source material are you requiring for the Researched Argument paper? Do you have a theme you require students to investigate? List this information in your booking request, and we will match you with an instructor familiar in those areas.

Timing. The best time to schedule library instruction is after students have identified their research topics. Students learn best when they can immediately apply their library instruction and search for sources during class.

Student preparation. As students begin researching, frame their project as a non-linear process of discovery. Library instruction will help students learn the elements of the research process, but students must critically analyze what they discover during this process and incorporate only the most appropriate information into their research papers. In our lesson plans, we use concepts and language from the textbooks. Feel free to assign the research and evaluation sections of the textbooks in advance of our sessions, and please let us know which book you use in class.

Follow-up. Consult with your library instructor to determine how they will be assessing your library instruction classes. Together, determine if there are any assessment measures you might launch later in the semester to close the loop and ensure student learning.