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Green Business Certification - P2Rx Wiki

Provides information about certifications that distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain our environment.

What is a Green Business?

Green Business is a socially responsible business that adopts the best management practices of conserving energy and other natural resources through adoption of pollution prevention and waste reduction practices in order to increase sustainability. This will increase profits, improve community well being and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Green also includes the health impact of the workplace and the community, whereas sustainability lends itself to the better management of our resources.

Benefits of Going Green

Businesses that adopt green strategies and practices realize a number of positive outcomes. A socially responsible business can increase profitable opportunities by operating more efficiently and reducing all forms of waste. Green businesses have the opportunity to develop better relationships among regulatory governing bodies and benefit from positive publicity for being environmentally conscientious. Developing a green business strategy can create a marketing advantage over the competition for being an environmental leader because investors and customers demand environmental responsibility. Green businesses reduce their dependence on costly resources and thus reduce costs over time. Green businesses also create a healthier and safer working environment for employees and provide a higher quality workplace atmosphere.