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Green Business Certification - P2Rx Wiki

Provides information about certifications that distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain our environment.

Certification Programs

Note that some certifications listed below are primarily for products or buildings. There are few certifications of whole businesses due to the complexity.

National Certifications

Green Business League Green Business League (Audited by Professional Auditors)

Green Business Bureau Green Business Bureau (Audited)

Global Reporting Initiative (Reporting Framework Provider)

Green Seal Certification (Audited) (Currently Under Development)

Green C Certification (Audited)

EarthRight Business Institute (Audited)

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (Audited)

The B Rating System (Audited)

State and Regional Certifications

Omaha Green Business Certification

Montgomery County, MD Green Business Certification

--Details on State and Regional Certification Programs are available through the Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network (WSPPN)