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Green Business Certification - P2Rx Wiki

Provides information about certifications that distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain our environment.

Benefits of Green Certification

Due to the complexity of modern green business practices the vagaries of eco-marketing, and the increasing interest in green products and efforts, some companies 'green wash' their routine efforts to appear green. To address this, many companies have turned to certification in order to demonstrate measurable achievement of recognized standards that differentiate themselves and enhance their reputation. Several different green business certification programs are currently available. The advantages of going the extra step and becoming certified allow customers, investors, and governing bodies to confirm that the business is meeting established standards for green practices. (See also, the green washing section) Certification programs also help to assure a reduction in operational costs because they require business to meet guidelines that have been proven to be efficient and cost-effective. Businesses that become certified also establish their long-term commitment to the economy, environment, and society as well as demonstrates business integrity.

Potential Benefits:

1. Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness

2. Reduce pollution, waste and greenhouse gas emissions

3. Increase employee satisfaction, retention and productivity

4. Save natural resources such as water and energy

5. Develop a good relationship with governments and local compliance inspectors

6. Avoid liability, fines and other sanctions

7. Gain a competitive advantage by differentiating from the competition

8. Protect the business from increasing water and energy prices

9. Meet investor demands and corporate sustainability goals