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International Relations Research Guide

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

Intergovernmental Organizations and Foreign Governments

Our colleagues at the International Documents Collection of Northwestern University Library maintain comprehensive directories of the Internet sites of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and foreign governments.  Rather than attempting to replicate their efforts here, we offer a tip of our hat and extend our gratitude.

In addition, James. R. Jacobs at the libraries of Stanford University, devised Google Custom Searches for both Intergovernmental Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations. These searches filter results to those from pertinent organizations and may prove helpful in taming the avalanche that a general Google search may retrieve.

United Nations


The About the UN page of the United Nations website offers a convenient directory to the Internet homes of the major and affiliate organizations of the United Nations.

Europa World


Europa World is the online version of the Europa World Year Book, the indispensable source of information on world-wide affairs.

First published in 1926, the year book is renowned as one of the world's leading reference works, covering political and economic information in over 250 countries and territories, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Think tanks and research institutes


Many academic and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) conduct research in International Relations.  Those listed below are prominent in the field and represent a variety of perspectives.

Use the site: domain name command in Google to quickly search for webpages and documents.  For example, "climate change" will search the Center for Strategic and International Studies looking for items containing the phrase "climate change."