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Digital Humanities

An introduction to digital humanities from the University of Nebraska at Omaha's Criss Library


This guide introduces University of Nebraska at Omaha faculty and students to digital humanities, including services provided by UNO Libraries, examples of teaching and research projects, recommended tools and resources, digital humanities issues, the latest readings, guidelines for evaluation, and links to funding and training opportunities.

What is Digital Humanities?

Nailing down a definition of digital humanities is difficult, thus we taken an expansive, inclusive approach to digital humanities. By this we mean it to be an arena of interdisciplinary humanities research, teaching, and publishing that can be represented in digital form(s), enabled by digital methods and tools, about digital technology and culture, experimenting with and developing digital technologies, and critical of itself. 

Our Services

UNO Libraries offer a range of services and collaborations for faculty and graduate students interested in digital humanities, including:

  • Research consultations and course development: Meet with us to discuss your projects, questions, or teaching outcomes that involve digital methods and tools.

  • Training and workshops: We provide guidance and training on digital tools and methods for use in your research and teaching.
  • Presentations and discussions: We are available to give presentations or facilitate discussions on a range of topics.
  • Advice and referrals: We provide advice on grants, funding opportunities, and training seminars within the library and beyond.

Defining Digital Humanities

A brief introduction to digital humanities by Greta Franzini, Ph.D.

Defining Digital Humanities panel presentation, Columbia University

Digital Engagement Librarian

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