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Afghanistan in Photographs

A research guide for photography in Afghanistan from UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

War Photography

Among the earliest war photographs from Afghanistan are the 19th century Anglo-Afghan War photographs. War photographers often traveled with the army and documented the British invasion of Afghanistan. Known war photographers of this time included John Burke and Benjamin Simpson. Burke, born in Ireland, was hired as an official photographer for the British campaign in Afghanistan. He accompanied the British Army leaving India for Afghanistan during the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Benjamin Simpson was an amateur photographer and a medical doctor by profession. He became interested in documenting the Second Anglo-Afghan War and was based in Southern Afghanistan with the British Army.

Box Camera

Photo of Amir Habibullah from Siraj al-Akbar newspaper


From left to right: Prince Amanullah, King Habibullah, Prince Enayatullah

Source: Siraj al-Akbar, Sept. 17, 1913

Paghman - Arch de Triomphe en Souvenir de l'Independance