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Afghanistan in Photographs

A research guide for photography in Afghanistan from UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections

Image Collections in the Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection

Donald Watts Photographs

Donald Watts donated his collection of approximately 750 slides and photographs to UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections for the Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection in 2015. Finding aid for the Donald Watts Papers at UNO Libraries. Prof. Donald Watts biography from Kansas State University. 

Citadel-surface, opening of underground chambers

Photograph by Donald Watts, Donald Watts Papers, UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections.

The Afghan Folio - Luke Powell

The Afghan Folio by photographer Luke Powell features 32 10x20” Kodak Dye Transfer prints of Afghanistan. Powell, a graduate of Yale University, traveled to Afghanistan during the 1970s and early 1980s to document the beauty and peace of Afghanistan. It is a rare collection of photograph of pre-Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Powell spent several years in Afghanistan photographing people and places. The Afghan Folio has been on display around the world, as well as in Criss Library. The Library acquired The Afghan Folio in 1989. The first exhibit of the photographs in the library was March 12-25, 1990. The Afghan Folio is periodically displayed in the library gallery and is available for research use in UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections.

Luke Powell's also published Afghan gold : Luke Powell, photographs 1973-2003 (2013).

Recommended Books from the Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection

 Afghanistan: Paradise Lost by Roland & Sabrina Michaud

Eternal Afghanistan - Photographs by Reza & Text by Olivier Weber

Afghan Gold: Luke Powell, photographs 1973-2003 by Luke Powell

Afghanistan - by Karl Flinker and Max Klimburg, text by Joseph Kessel

Afghanistan - Franco Farinelli, Pierre Cambon, foto di - Luigi Baldelli

Afghanistan before the wars -  Yahiya Emerick & Charles Luke Powell