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Project Achieve Library Resources

This guide helps Project Achieve students begin their research or find more help with research projects.

The Writing Center at Criss Library

The Writing Center has an annex in Criss Library. Make an online appointment to work with a consultant and meet them here at the library.

Creative Production Lab

The Creative Production Lab, located on the main floor of the library, is open to all UNO students, faculty, and staff.

Study Rooms

Group study roomThe library has 29 single and group study rooms for three-hour reservation for UNO students only.

Single study rooms are snug spaces with a desk and chair, whiteboard, and network connection.

Group study rooms have a large table and chairs, a computer with a big screen monitor, and whiteboards.

All study rooms have windows in the doors. Some group study rooms have glass walls looking out into the library, while others have half-height walls.

Library Cafe

We have a Library Cafe on the main floor. The cafe has shorter hours than the library, so check out the hours before you stop by.

There are plenty of places out in the open or tucked away to relax at the library. You can sit in a booth, at an open table, in a soft chair, or on a couch on any floor of the library. Ask at the front desk if you're looking for a particular vibe or noise level.