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Project Achieve Library Resources

This guide helps Project Achieve students begin their research or find more help with research projects.

Know your Assignment

  • Look through the assignment prompt and circle the important details
    • Due date
    • Number and type of sources
    • Number of pages
  • Understand what you should be researching and writing about, and ask your professor if you have any questions

Make your Timeline

Whether you have five days, five weeks, or the whole semester to do a research project, it's important to set a schedule. Use one of the assignment calculators below to help you with your timeline.

Get Mentored by Experts

In addition to Project Achieve staff members and your friendly librarians, there are lots of other people around who want to help you succeed. Contact them early when you're starting a research project.

Printable Checklist

This step-by-step checklist will help you stay focused while you do your assignment.