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Dual Enrollment

UNO Criss Library Resources for dual enrollment

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Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing Privileges

Below are just a few of the borrowing privileges you may enjoy as a dual enrolled student. Use our catalog to find these resources:

  • Check out up to 50 books for 4 weeks with renewals available
  • Multimedia including CDs and DVDs
  • Equipment including laptops, DSLR cameras, video game consoles and games, tripods, and ipads

Types of Resources the Library Offers

  • Books
    • Offer a comprehensive view, an historic view, or background information on a topic
    • Not held to the fact-checking standards of scholarly or journalistic writing
  • Government Documents
    • Legislation from a specific area or level of government
    • Reports or studies conducted by a government agency on a specific topic
    • Historical or current data collected by the government on a specific topic or demographic
    • Can be considered a primary source material 
    • Can be produced at local, state, and federal government levels
  • Journals
    • Also known as scholarly, research, peer-reviewed, or refereed journals
    • Contain fewer advertisements than popular magazines
    • Articles tend to be lengthy (7 - 10 pages or more)
    • Written by the person(s) conducting the research
    • Articles have been evaluated by an editorial board of other experts before going to print
    • Sources of information are indicated by endnotes, footnotes, or a bibliography
    • May contain charts, graphs, or tables
    • Published monthly or quarterly
  • Magazines
    • Popular magazines designed to appeal to a broad audience
    • Usually printed on glossy paper and contains many advertisements
    • May include opinion or current events
    • Articles are usually 5 pages or less
    • Usually does not include bibliographies
    • Published very frequently
  • Newspapers
    • Provides most current information as published daily or weekly
    • Not considered scholarly
      • Writing is intended to communicate news
    • May be considered a primary source
      • If the events are recorded at the time they occur
    • Short, concise information presented in order of importance
  • Statistics
    • Numerical data
    • May be raw or analyzed (interpreted numbers)


Criss Library has over 1 million ebooks! You can search for them in the library catalog. They can be read online or downloaded to your device.

Detailed instructions for using E-Books are available at the link below.

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