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Dual Enrollment

UNO Criss Library Resources for dual enrollment

Evaluating Resources Tutorial

evaluating resources tutorialThis module will guide you through evaluating resources using the Five W's.

The Five W's look at the who, what, when, where and why of a resource. Questions to ask within each category are provided so that you can begin to evaluate resources you find in the library to determine their appropriateness for your own research.

When you select the module, the tutorial will open in a new webpage and will begin automatically. You can pause the tutorial using the seek bar at the bottom of the player.  Audio and video transcripts are available in the notes section of the tutorial.

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Peer-Reviewed vs. Internet Sources

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Research consists of using primary and secondary sources. How do you know the difference?

Primary Sources - Original source or document


  • First person account of an event
  • First publication of a scientific study
  • Speech or lecture
  • Original artwork
Secondary Sources - a work that examines, critiques or interprets a primary source and draws a conclusion about it


  • Newspaper reports on scientific study
  • Book or music reviews
  • Biographies
  • Articles reviewing other articles and studies

CRAAP Test & 5 W's

Spotting Fake News

Spotting Fake News Title SlideHave you been wondering what fake news is or how it impacts your life? Are you unsure of how to spot fake news or articles designed to sway your opinions? This module will walk you through different types of fake and misleading news stories and give you tips on how to evaluate these stories for accuracy, integrity, and truthfulness.

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