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Open Access and Scholarly Publishing @ UNO

This guide explains open access publishing and how UNO scholars can recieve funding to support OA

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Open Access Fund

To encourage the University community to publish their research in open access platforms, the Criss Library has established a fund to finance payment of article processing fees for UNO authors who wish to publish in open access journals or open access articles in hybrid journals. Open access funds demonstrate an institution’s support for new and innovative research publishing models.

Goals of the program

  • Support for UNO affiliated authors who wish to publish open access
  • Support for transition to a more sustainable scholarly publishing model
  • Greater equality of access to information
  • Greater visibility and accessibility of UNO scholarship
  • Encouragement of authors to retain rights to their work

The Fine Print

Initial funding for this program is provided by Criss Library.

Author eligibility
All University of Nebraska at Omaha employed staff, researchers and tenure-track/ tenured faculty are eligible to apply for funding. Students are not eligible to apply for the main Open Access Fund; instead, a separate fund extension is available exclusively for students. The following rules apply for both the main fund and the student extension. 

Journal eligibility
Peer-reviewed articles published in open access and "hybrid" journals.

The journal must have a publicly available standard article fee schedule. A policy of waiving fees in case of economic hardship is desirable. Preference will be given to fully open access journals.

Conditions of funding

Funds may be used for open access publishing and processing fees, including open access page charges. Funds are not available for reprints, color illustration fees, non-OA page charges, permissions fees, web hosting for self-archiving, or other expenses not directly related to open access fees. The fund will be suspended for the year once available monies are expended.

  • Authors may not submit open access articles accepted by publishers who institute embargo periods.
  • Authors who have external funding which can be used for publishing fees are expected to use those funds whenever possible.
  • The funding limit is $3,500 per author per academic year. 
  • Authors who receive OA funding must also deposit the article in DigitalCommons@UNO
  • You may be required to submit additional information such as a scanned copy of the publication agreement.


Requests for funding must be submitted online UNO OA Fund application form. Requests should be submitted as soon as the article is accepted for publication. They will be reviewed on a regular basis and very effort will be made to provide confirmation of approval within 5-7 days.

Author Responsibilities

  • Once the funding request is approved, the author should notify the library when the article is published or if the author withdraws it from consideration in that journal.
  • Authors must provide a copy of the publisher’s original invoice. Payment will be handled through the library's business office.
  • The author must also provide a full bibliographic citation plus a copy of the funded article, either the author’s final version or the published version, for deposit in DigitalCommons@UNO.

Questions? Simply email with a question or comment. We will be in touch.