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Open Access and Scholarly Publishing @ UNO

This guide introduces open access and how UNO scholars can support and publish their research and creative activity open access


"Open Access and Scholarly Publishing @ UNO: UNO Initiatives" by Jennie Tobler-Gaston for theUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 Unless otherwise indicated.

NOTE: Although this guide may discuss legal topics this guide is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. 

Digital Commons @ UNO

Digital Commons banner with UNO logo

DigitalCommons​@UNO is a digital showcase of the research and scholarly output of the members of the University of Nebraska Omaha community. The DigitalCommons@UNO repository is administered by UNO Libraries and serves as a digital archive for these materials. Members of UNO’s academic community are invited to contribute their scholarship to DigitalCommons@UNO. See our About page for more information.

Library Hosted OA Journals

UNO Libraries offers the ability to publish open access journals to academic departments, centers, and student groups. The library provides setup and support for the platform of the UNO institutional repository, DigitalCommons@UNO. Currently the following journals are supported: