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The University Archives documents the history of the University of Nebraska at Omaha from its founding to the present and is part of Criss Library Archives & Special Collections.

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The Gateway

The Gateway Newspaper Archive was launched in 2007 by UNO Libraries as a UNO Centennial ProjectUNO student newspaper The Gateway offers readers a glimpse into campus life. Articles, photo captions, advertisements, and specific dates can be searched in newspaper issues dating back to 1922. Current issues of The Gateway are available on the newspaper's website. 

The Gateway

OU & UNO Yearbooks

The newest digital collection from Criss Library, the University of Nebraska at Omaha's yearbooks, have been digitized and are now available from the Internet Archive and DigitalCommons@UNO.

University of Omaha 1961 Tomahawk yearbook cover

Breakaway. The Omahan. The Gateway. Tomahawk. Maverick. The university's yearbook went by several names beginning as the Gateway then changing names to the Omahan, Tomahawk, and Breakaway before ending as the Maverick from 1973-1975. The first yearbook, the Gateway (1915-1927), shares its name with the university’s longtime student newspaper. The Tomahawk endured as the campus publication's name the longest from 1936 through 1970. In addition to the name changes, users will notice the changing composition of the volumes over the years as materials and styles evolved.

Whatever the yearbook's name or format, users will find each volume keyword searchable or able to be read like a book online. Yearbooks typically include photos and information about students, events, and faculty. In addition to student organizations, athletics, the arts, and other activities, the yearbooks also present opportunities for alumni, current students, and interested researchers to investigate changing fashions, popular culture, advertisements, and events through the lens of the university's students.

This exciting project was made possible through the LYRASIS Digitization Collaborative – a Sloan Foundation grant-subsidized program that has made digitization easy and affordable for libraries and cultural institutions across the country.

Through the Collaborative’s partnership with the Internet Archive, all items were scanned from cover- to-cover and in full color.  You can choose from a variety of formats, page through a book choosing the “read online” option, download the PDF or search the full text version.

Copies of each volume of the yearbook are also available for use in Criss Library Archives & Special Collections.

Donations to the Archives

Your donation will contribute to the preservation and growth of the UNO Football archives by supporting the conservation and digitization of these historical materials, allowing them to be more widely available online. You can make a gift to the UNO Football Archives Fund online. 

If you have photographs, film or video recordings, game programs or other memorabilia, please contact an archivist to donate the material to the archives or seek advice on its care.

A History of the University of Nebraska at Omaha 1908-1983

Cover - A History of the University of Nebraska at Omaha 1908-1983