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Holocaust Research Guide: Home

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

Memory and the Holocaust

Nebraska Holocaust Memorial, Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln

We build memorials to remember and to honor. We grapple with evidence (the historian's primary sources) in an effort to know what happened in the past.  We further struggle to understand what happened in the past.  To study the Holocaust is to despair and to marvel at humanity.  Perhaps more than any other event in living memory, the Holocaust demands this of us.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum



Yad Vashem: World Center for Holocaust Research, Documentation, Education, and Commemoration

Quick jumps into the book collection

The library owns several thousand books and ebooks which address the Holocaust to one degree or another.  The links below jump into the library catalog, where you can start browsing through the collection.  Pay particular attention to call numbers, because you may discover that certain topics cluster together while others may scatter somewhat based on geography.  The links are based on subject terminology devised by the Library of Congress, and most academic libraries in the United States draw from the same nomenclature.

Access to ebooks will require you to login via your Criss Library account.  If you have not created a library account, you may click here for instructions.

Jews Germany

Jews Germany History

Jews Germany History 1933-1945

(You can follow this pattern using other countries; for example, Jews France, Jews France History, etc.).

Jews Persecutions

(You can add country names; for example, Jews Persecutions Poland.)

Holocaust Jewish 1939-1945

Holocaust Jewish 1939-1945 Moral and Ethical Aspects

Holocaust Jewish 1939-1945 Personal Narratives

Holocaust Jewish 1939-1945 [name of country]; for example, Holocaust Jewish 1939-1945 Hungary.

World War 1939-1945 Atrocities

World War 1939-1945 Jews

Kristallnacht 1938

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