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History Research Guide

Use this guide to find UNO library resources and other helpful research tools.

Article Databases

In most cases journal articles will be immediately available online. However, a database may sometimes describe an article but not actually include a copy. You can search for the title of a journal (not an article title) in the eJournals directory to see if the journal is available in a different database. The library subscribes to over 200 databases, so it is worth checking.

You may also search the title of a journal in the library catalog to see if the library has a physical subscription in the Periodicals Collection. The catalog will provide a call number and note the volumes and years owned by the library.

If any particular article is just entirely unavailable, submit an Interlibrary Loan request to obtain a copy from another library.

These eight databases provide the best coverage of articles published in research journals in History:

You may also find these databases useful depending on the subject you are researching:

See here for a complete list of the library's databases.

Nebraska History


The Nebraska State Historical Society  (NSHS) has published  Nebraska History  since 1918.  The original title was Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days, published as volumes 1-17 (1918-1936), and the library has copies on Microfilm at the call number F661 .N22. (click here to jump to the catalog record).

Beginning with volume 18 (1937), the title was shortened to Nebraska History, and the library has copies on Microfilm extending from volumes 18-28 (1937- 1947), also at the call number F661 .N22.

From volume 25 (1944) to the present, the library has a largely complete set of original paper copies shelved in Periodicals at the call number F661 .N22.  Several of the paper volumes are duplicated in the Nebraska Documents collection at the call number H6000 P001- (click here to jump to the catalog record for details about volumes and years).

The NSHS has made considerable progress in scanning Nebraska History and posting PDF copies of articles to its website (click here for a detailed list).  They have targeted the most frequently requested articles and add more as resources permit.  However, researchers should be prepared to continue consulting the library's paper and microfilm copies, because many articles have not yet been scanned.

Examples of scanned articles include:

Orville D. Menard, "Lest We Forget: The Lynching of Will Brown, Omaha's 1919 Race Riot,"  V.91, Nos. 3-4 (2010): 152-165.

Orville D. Menard, "Tom Dennison, the Omaha Bee, and the 1919 Omaha Race Riot," V.68, No. 4 (1987): 152-165.

Harl A. Dalstrom, "I'm Never Going to be Snowbound Again: The Winter of 1948-1949 in Nebraska," V.83, Nos. 3-4 (2002): 109-166.

Harl A. Dalstrom, "The Defeat of George W. Norris in 1942," V.59, No. 2 (1978): 231-258.

Both Drs. Menard and Dalstrom were professors at UNO, in Political Science and History.