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Historical Material from UNO Libraries' Archives & Special Collections

UNO Libraries' Archives & Special Collections ensures UNO’s unique, rare, and specialized collections of institutional archives, personal papers, organizational records, rare books, and other material is available for public use.

Zines at UNO Libraries

What place do zines have in the library? The library's collection includes books and other publications about zines, Archives and Special Collections is home to a growing collection of several hundred zines available to anyone who cares to visit, librarians curate displays and offer presentations about zines, and librarians can collaborate with faculty and students on creating zines for courses or special projects.

Zine of the Month

Each month UNO Libraries' Archives and Special Collections will feature a new zine of the month. The zine of  the month will be on display in Archives and Special Collections on the first floor/lower level of Criss Library.

The August 2019 Zine of the Month is Pop Omaha: Poems from Three Perfect, Infrequent, & Doomed Years in Nebraska, a poetry zine, by Torrey Smith (2018). If you live in Omaha, these poems and photos will give you a new perspective on the familiar. If you don't live in Omaha, you'll get to know our city through Torrey Smith's eyes. More than once, this zine prompted a chuckle, shake of the head, and sense of, "Yeah, this is where I live, in all its beautiful oddity." With full-color illustrations, hand-stitched binding, and a lot of quirky charm, this wonderful zine is waiting for you in the reading room of Archives & Special Collections located on the first floor of Criss Library.

Zines in Special Collections and Rare Books

Books About Zines