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Games Collection: Chess

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Chess is a classic game known for its emphasis on strategy and thinking ahead. Though there are many variations and designs of the game pieces and game board, the basic rules remain the same: two players go head-to-head using thoughtful strategies to outwit their opponent into check, or when there are no more valid spaces for the King to move in order to avoid capture. Whichever player forces their opponent into check first wins the game--checkmate!

Why is this game rated as medium difficulty?

Because Chess relies solely on the decisions of each player to function, players of all experiences, whether beginners or competitive experts, can reliably play a game of Chess. However, players must remember the specific ways individual pieces can move, which can be challenging in the heat of gameplay. There are also interesting tricks and rules that have developed over the game's long history that more experienced players may only know about. Simply put--your experience may vary in terms of difficulty, so choose your opponent wisely!

Difficulty Level

Fast Facts

Players 2
Ages Varies
Time Varies


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