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Games Collection: Zaibatsu Speedrunners

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"In the near future the world is dominated by powerful mega-corporations known as Zaibatsu. These power-hungry super-organizations fight for control of the global computer network known as the Cybernet. To gain control of information blocks, the Zaibatsu employ special operatives skilled in cracking cybersecurity systems known as SpeedrunnersThese Speedrunners are assisted by a variety of other agents specializing in occupations of questionable legality. In Zaibatsu Speedrunners, each player represents a powerful Zaibatsu and the pawns under its control. The object of the game is to dominate the Cybernet by controlling more information blocks than your opponents. The first player to assign all of his or her control markers to information blocks wins the game."

Zaibatsu Speedrunners is a Creative Commons game.

  • Designed by Froylan Rutiaga
  • Art by Kotdesign and Froylan Rutiaga
  • English translation by Nick Hayes

Difficulty Level

Fast Facts

Players 2 - 4
Ages 16+
Time 1 - 2 hours


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