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UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab Policies: CPL Computer Lab

A complete collection of all patron-facing policies concerning the use and access to the CPL.

Computer Lab

Computer Lab and Software Access


The CPL computer lab is a first-come-first-serve, UNO student priority, space available to patrons with an official university login. The CPL operates primarily as a Mac OSX hardware space.


We have ten 2018 iMac Pro PCs running on the current most-stable version of OSX, with integrated 27” 5k displays. We have 2 Dell PCs running on Windows 10 with 22” 1080HD displays.


All PCs have the complete Adobe Creative Suite installed, including but not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. An educational version of the Autodesk Suite including AutoCAD, Maya, and Fusion 360 is installed on all devices, with specific additional software for Mac or Windows. Microsoft office 365 is currently installed on all devices.


The CPL has access to two active instances of Zbrush on select computers. One iMac will be reserved for patron-login to a personal Adobe CC account with the current front branch of any installed software, for purposes of compatibility with newer non-education license files.


Requests for additional software installs or access can be made by meeting or emailing the current CPL supervisor.


Our iMacs operate by creating a unique desktop per user at original login, for each device. Files can be retrieved from a specific device with subsequent login, but users should backup all files to their cloud accounts or an external storage device. As devices accumulate newly created user profiles or approach internal storage limits, user profiles will be deleted in order of last-accessed, oldest-first order, and all related files will be irretrievably lost. Patrons currently using a specific iMac have use-priority will not be asked to move by CPL staff in order for other patrons to retrieve files within their user profile on that machine.


Windows PCs in the CPL wipe all user files after logout, and patrons should bring external storage or cloud access if needing to use these machines.