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UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab Policies

A complete collection of all patron-facing policies concerning the use and access to the CPL.

Heat-Set Vinyl Information

Heat-Set Vinyl

The CPL supports projects requiring heat-set decals on cloth mediums by using Siser easy-weed heat-set vinyl, our Epilog laser, and/or our Cricut Maker unit.


The clamshell heat press can press a 13”x13” area, and requires at least 30 minutes to warm up prior to first pressing. Compatible objects for this process are cotton t-shirts, canvas tote-bags, and other blended or non-synthetic clothes that can be pressed flat and retain structure at 315 °F. Patron must provide a base object for application.


Heat-set cutting and application is available by appointment only. Reservations can be made by phone or email. Heat-set material can be purchased in the CPL, or brought in by a patron if still within the Siser packaging. 

Cutting requires a vector-based image that can be opened by Adobe Illustrator. AI, SVG, PDF, DXF, and EPS are compatible. Image files created entirely within Adobe Illustrator are immediately and readily compatible. File preparation is the most time consuming segment of cutting, and we ask that patrons come in with a fully prepared file at the time of appointment, or arrive well in advance of their reservation to seek help in file prep within the Computer Lab.


Compatibility of heat-set vinyl and patron-provided base object is responsibility of patron, and damage from heat or problematic pressing is assumed by patron. Please prepare multiple objects for testing or potential failure prior to reservation.


Should patrons wish to cut a decal in the CPL and take it away for processing, Siser heat-set vinyl is compatible with any home-ironing unit capable of reaching 315 °F without the use of steam, but significant pressure must still be applied.