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UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab Policies

A complete collection of all patron-facing policies concerning the use and access to the CPL.

GreenScreen Information

GreenScreen Studio

Use of the GreenScreen Studio is available by appointment with walk-in availability around other currently operating projects. UNO community members can make appointments through with an active @unomaha email address. Appointments can be made for up to 1.5 hours per day. Additional time can be requested with approval by the current CPL Supervisor. The facility can accommodate video, portrait photography, and still photography.


Community patrons without the ability to login to CPL computers can use the space on a walk-in basis, but must use their own recording equipment in order to create and retrieve media.


The GreenScreen Studio is open to the main CPL space. While staff can close the main entry door, and turn off some equipment, the space should not be considered a closed-set for the purposes of private or silent recording. Vocal audio recording is isolated by 2 available lapel mics and a folding wall, but unintended environmental audio should be expected.


CPL staff will set up all equipment, lighting, and backgrounds shortly before or at the beginning of a reservation. Please allow 15 minutes of setup and preparation time for lighting adjustment, microphone testing, and other potential issues prior to beginning. Our current space can accommodate one or two subjects easily. Three or more people in frame may require alteration to the overall setup.


Projects requesting the use of a teleprompter should send in their script text via email at least 2 hours prior to their reservation. Text should be included in the body of an email and not as an attached document. Walk-ins should expect at least 30 minutes of setup time and script preparation prior to starting recording. Script formatting on the teleprompter is limited to Plain Text formatting of line breaks and spacing, with limited support for special characters.


After initial setup and walkthrough, equipment operation is the duty of the patron. CPL staff will confirm operation of video, audio, teleprompter, or photography equipment, and is available to start the recording of a video session, but patrons should default to bringing a partner able to assist, or be willing to operate all equipment alone. CPL staff is not available to act as a photographer for personal photoshoots. Additional CPL staff assistance is available on a limited priority basis, by prior request only.


After recording, CPL staff can assist with retrieval of media from equipment sd cards, and preparation of files for editing. CPL staff is not available for wholesale editing or batch file preparation of patron projects.