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UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab Policies

A complete collection of all patron-facing policies concerning the use and access to the CPL.

Laser Information

Epilog Laser Engraver

The CPL Epilog Mini is available for community use. UNO students, faculty, and staff can reserve time on the machine with an active email address. All other community members can use the laser on a walk-in basis only, subject to availability and our priority policies.


The Epilog 40 Watt Mini Laser Cutter can cut through and engrave into surfaces up to 24''x12'' in size and accommodate objects up to 6” tall sitting flat on the machine tray. The currently installed 2” focus lens can cut materials up to ¼” thick.


Acceptable materials include wood, cast or extruded acrylic, glass, leather, cardboard, or paper.

We cannot cut or etch many thermoplastics, polycarbonate sheeting, plywood treated for exterior use, PVC, vinyl, or uncoated metals. 


Patron provided materials are subject to approval by the current CPL supervisor. Patrons must know the source and trade name of provided materials prior to approval. Unknown or questionable materials will be denied use on the laser to prevent damage to both machine and human health.


The CPL has a small stock of compatible materials and objects available for purchase at-cost. Information on current stock can be requested at the time of the project. Projects are limited to 2 sheets per material, per day in order to maintain available access to as many patrons as possible. Specialty objects offered for engraving services are available without limitation, at-cost.


UNO students, faculty, and staff can request the CPL to set aside available materials for an upcoming appointment, up to 48 hours in advance.


Due to current liability arrangements, CPL staff must be present for the initial operation of the laser, and will be responsible for file setup as it relates to device communication and driver settings. CPL staff will be responsible for powering on the laser, air handler, and compressor. Initial leveling and testing of materials will be done by CPL staff. Patron projects will only be processed while patrons are present in the room, and capable of watching the outcome of the project. CPL staff is not responsible for laser-derived damage to patron provided objects or material once a project has been approved and started.


Project reservation time is limited to 2 hours per project, per day. Appointments can be made by phone or email. Laser reservations cannot be extended by booking multiple back to back sessions under different names. Laser operation can extend past the initial 2 hour reservation only if no other reservation is made or no other walk-in request takes place.

Appointments will not be taken within 30 minutes of opening, and all laser operations will be stopped by 30 minutes prior to closing of each day.


Etching requires an image file capable of being rendered in high-contrast grayscale, or pure black and white. PNG, JPG, PDF and BMP files are preferred. Cutting requires a vector-based image that can be opened by Adobe Illustrator. AI, SVG, PDF, DXF, and EPS are compatible. Image files created entirely within Adobe Illustrator are immediately and readily compatible with the laser process. File preparation is the most time consuming segment of laser operations, and we ask that patrons come in with a fully prepared file at the time of appointment, or arrive well in advance of their reservation to seek help in file prep within the Computer Lab.


The cost for laser cutting is $0.25 ($0.50 non UNO) per minute that the laser is active, as tracked by the laser lcd panel during operation.