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UNO Criss Library Creative Production Lab Policies

A complete collection of all patron-facing policies concerning the use and access to the CPL.

Multimedia Processing Information

Epson 7750 Multimedia Printing and Cricut Machine

The CPL Epson 7750 inkjet printer and Cricut Maker were purchased using funds from the Thomas Foundation in order to support digital image printing on a broad selection of CPL-stocked and patron-provided medias. These services are intended to support the work of UNO graphic design students, and to foster creativity in the use of digital media by the UNO community.


The Epson 7750 can accommodate many inkjet compatible flat media including paper, cardstock, vinyl, and mounted fabrics. The CPL keeps a small selection of Epson Matte Premium in 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes. We also offer paper adhesive label sheets for sticker making, and inkjet printable gloss vinyl for custom printable decals. Minimum printable size for the 7750 is 4x6, with a max printable area of 11x17.


Patron provided media is subject to review and approval by CPL staff, with final approval for materials of questionable compatibility left to the current CPL supervisor.


Printing and file preparation on the Epson 7750 is available by web request, with limited capacity for in-person printing. Online print requests outside of an active appointment are subject to our current lab work queue, but should expect a minimum turnaround time of one business day until availability for pickup. 


Patrons should default to a 300 dpi, non-editable, PDF file for request submission, with ¼” margins, sized for the requested or provided sheet media. Files submitted in other formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, or TGA) may lack print sizing data or correct color profiles, but are still printable at request. All files will be opened in, and printed from, Adobe Photoshop in CMYK preview mode. For help in preparing files for printing, CPL computers and one-on-one aid is available.


Use of the Cricut Maker is available by appointment only. Files are required to be uploaded by CPL Staff to a CPL controlled Cricut account for preparation and device operation. A charge of $0.65 per sheet will be applied to all Cricut projects to offset blade and mat costs. File preparation for cutting-only should be done as an SVG vector image. Die-cut stickers on printable vinyl or adhesive material are available to be made by appointment only. To maximize material usage, images should be prepared individually as PNGs with a transparent background. A file preparation guide is available at request.


Daily limits of available printable sticker vinyl, paper sticker sheet, and other inkjet materials will be held according to currently posted numbers. Patron-provided media will be charged a per square inch price for ink use, and printing will be limited to printer operation time during the scheduled appointment.